Thursday, December 29, 2011


As we were walking through a plaza in Guayaguil I noticed this angel statue, it reminded me of Angel Moroni for some reason.

The Hospice/Nursing Care Center, the patients were having lunch but gave us a warm welcome.

The young girl with one of the wheelchairs. This chair was from a previous donation but it is so good to see the chairs in use, her family was most grateful.

Part of the presentation ceremony.

Some of the 50 wheelchairs donated to the Childrens Hospital.

OCTOBER 28, 2011

On Wednesday we had traveled to Otavalo and then on Friday we flew to Guayaquil. We had been working on getting 250 wheelchairs for this group. These wheelchairs were donated to a childrens hospital, a hospice/nursing home, the general hospital and a maternity hospital. We were able to tour the Children´s Hospital and the Hospice/ Nursing Home Center. While we were there we saw a young girl in a church wheelchair. It is so awesome when we can see the wheelchairs in use. This was a good group to work with, very organized and on the ball.

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