Thursday, December 29, 2011


THE MAKING OF BISCOCHOS, Ecuador from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

Making biscochos, look at that hugh ball of dough!

This is the oven at another shop across the highway.

The owner of the shop stranding by the brick oven.

These are biscochos!

Anytime we travel to Otavalo we stop and get biscochos. They are kind of hard to describe, kind of a biscuit, but very light and crumbly. As far as I know this area, kind of a fork in the road before turning to go into Otavalo, is the biscocho capital of the country, maybe even the world. There are several shops here that sell biscochos. They prepare them on site and bake them in large brick ovens. We usually eat them with a carmel dip or a special cheese that is also made in this area, they are very good dipped into hot chocolate. On one of these trips I happened to wander into the back room and found young people making them, so I took a video and thought everyone might enjoy seeing the process.

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