Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here are a few views of the area, it was raining that day and needless to say when Elder Kartchner returned he was covered in mud, tired and hungry. Dad lent him a pair of levis so he could change. The Kartchner´s travel very light, as in no suitcase, so he didn´t have a change of cloths.

School and Community leaders meeting to discuss the project.

JANUARY 19, 2012

I guess one advantage to being so far behind is I can now tell the rest of the story. In January Elder and Sister Kartchner came and we revisited the school to determine if this was a project we could do. We met with the school officials and with the community leaders. After our initial visit Elder Kartchner spent the rest of the day hiking up to the source and beyond. We had been told this was a spring so he was looking for the source of the spring. Apparently there is not a spring, and after hiking over many hills no true source was found. It was determined that the system needed to be moved to avoid mud slides destroying holding tanks etc. again and that for the water to be truly clean chlorination would need to be used. The school does not want chlorination and the community seemed reluctant to commit to improving the system at this time, so we will not be doing this project.

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