Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mother Gredel, she is from India and worked with Mother Teresa. She was delightful to visit with and is doing so much good. We have met so many that are doing such wonderful service so unselfishly.

Signing the paperwork. The other gentleman in the picture is the Stake President from the area. He and His wife came to help deliver the supplies. Now that they are aware of the Shelter they have promised to continue to help them.

By the truck with the cleaning supplies and the hygiene kits.

One of the Sisters at the Shelter. While we were waiting for our supplies to arrive we noticed several people would come to the gate and visit with one of the Sisters. Then the Sister would leave and return in a few minutes with a sack or two of food for the visitor. This was very humbling as we were aware that the Sisters did not have flour, so it may be safe to assume that food supplies in general were low.

We found this very interesting, several of the men at the shelter had wheelchairs donated by the Church. These people are sleeping on mattresses from the Temple and using wheelchairs donated by the Church.

A view of the Shelter. It was very clean and orderly. There is a possibility that the Stake in the area will start doing some craft projects with the people at the Shelter.

The Bread Oven, they bake for the Shelter and for a Day Care Center operated to care for children in the area. They had not used the oven yet because they didn´t have any flour but were hoping to get some soon. Wish we had known this.

The sign outside the shelter.

OCTOBER 28, 2011

Following the wheelchair presentation we went to a shelter for homeless people that is operated by the Sisters of the Order of Mother Teresa of Calcuta. The Church donated several mattresses when the apartments at the Temple were renovated and the sisters asked if we could help them with other needs. We donated a bread oven, cleaning supplies and hygiene kits. This shelter was so very interesting to visit. Mother Gredel, the director of the home, is from India and worked with Mother Teresa. The Sisters are very kind and do a wonderful work with these people who would otherwise be homeless and living on the streets.

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Lindsie said...

Pretty amazing. It sure makes you feel like you need to be giving more since we have so much. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and the blog posts. It's nice to keep up with what you're doing.