Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sorry this is taken through a window and there is lots of reflection, but you can get the idea.

O.K., here is a challenge for the grandkids and anyone else who wants to play. As we walk to work in the mornings we pass several shops that sell T-shirts. I have noticed one that talks about a "blue footed booby", I thought it was some kind of joke that I didn´t understand. Then one day I noticed on a travel poster that had a picture of a bird with blue webbed feet, he looked rather odd. So, I decided to Google "blue footed booby". Surprise, there really is such a bird, and he is really kind of cute. So here is your challenge. Google "blue footed booby" and look at the pictures of this interesting bird, then see if you can locate the Cornell site and listen to his call (it really isn´t a song), then see if you can locate a book about these birds (hint the birds name is Bobby), and see if you can locate a video of their mating dance, and last discover how he got the name booby. As you are looking at these interesting birds see if you can find another type of bird, animal or reptile that you did not know about before. Leave me a comment or email me with your discovery and we can learn more together. Happy Goggling!

P.S. Wouldn´t it be fun to visit the Galapagos Islands and see some of these animals up close?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Papa Noel visits Elder and Hermana Yost!

I should have posted these pictures in a different order, start from the bottom and go up to see things as they really were.

Nativity scene in Ibarra, notice no baby Jesus, he is placed in the manger on Christmas Eve.

At the end of Christmas Day, there is still some fudge left.

Dad singing his rendition of "The Restroom Door said Gentleman". I should have done a video!

Christmas dinner at our apartment.

We had breakfast with the office Elders. Elder Hakes cooking omlets.

Dad in his new poncho.

Papa Noel visited us!!

Everyone loved the calendars.

We ate, played games and had a little gift exchange, it was a nice evening.

Preparing food Christmas Eve, we are eating our way through this mission.

Christmas dawned rather gray and wet but the day later actually got sunny and warm. We had a nice Christmas. We purchased several items we had decided to get for souvenirs. Dad got a new poncho and a T-shirt. I got a beautiful decorated box and a carved humming bird. These carvings are made from Tugua nuts and are very beautiful. It is known as South American Ivory. Trent and Vi had sent us a puzzle and we got it done Christmas Day. The package Trudy sent arrived just in time and so we had calendars to give to each of the senior missionaries. They loved them! I have missed having pictures of Christ in our home, I love these calendars. Thanks Trudy and Viona!

We had breakfast with the Elders and the Senior Missionaries. Elder Hakes cooked omelets and we had French toast. Later that day we had dinner at our apartment with the office Elders and the mission nurse, Hna. Rogers and her companion Hna. Nelson. I cooked a turkey and some ham and everyone else brought different dishes to round out the meal. We seem to be eating our way through this mission. On Christmas Eve the Senior Missionaries got together, you guessed it, to eat and play games. It has been a nice holiday. We were able to Skype most of the kids and it was fun to see each of you.

A few traditions from Ecuador that I learned this year: The infant Jesus is not placed in nativity scenes until Christmas Eve. There are no shepherds in most of the nativity scenes here. It is Papa Noel that visits the children and leaves toys. There is usually a procession through the streets to the Church for midnight mass. We are not out at night so did not get to witness this tradition.

We hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and will have a most Joyous New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ambato and Riobamba

December 22, 2010
Yesterday we took a day trip to Ambato and Riobamba. I was so excited to see some of the volcanoes. We left our apartment at 7 a.m. with Fernando driving. Fernando is the country welfare supervisor, and is the person we work with and report to. Once we left the city I started taking pictures, it was awesome. I totally drained the battery in my camera before the day was over. The countryside is beautiful. Fields are cultivated to the tops of very steep mountains. These areas are steep and so they have to be tilled, planted, cared for and harvested by hand. The houses would seem so poor and primitive to us, but the people were working and happy. There are huge green houses that vegetables and flowers are grown in. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rained so I did not get any good views of the volcanoes; we will have to plan another trip. We visited a hospital in each city to make final arrangements for a Neonatal Course that will be taught in January. It was a delightful day! I can see that I am defiantly a country girl at heart, no city life for me.

Fernando, our in country supervisor.

Beautiful hillside in Ecuador.

About as close as I got to seeing a volcano. Fernando would point and say there is Cotopaxi get a foto, all that was there is clouds, he would laugh.

We stopped for breakfast at a place that had all sorts of antiques. I thought Trudy and Jessica would enjoy this picture of an antique saddle.

Countryside of Ecuador.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Preparing for Christmas in Ecuador - our first!

In front of the Christmas Tree in the office.

Christmas here will be different. No family to come over or to go and see. No snow!!!!! No fireplace!!! We did however have a Ward Christmas Party. A talent show was presented and then a dinner. I was even able to help in the kitchen for a while. The Church buildings here are not as big and there are no tables and chairs to set up for a dinner. We turned the benches around so they faced the stage for the talent show and everyone just held their plates for the dinner. The kitchen is very small, no fridge, but there is a stove and a small sink with cold water. We enjoyed a very good meal, rice with ham, onions, peas, green pepper, red pepper, walnuts, and raisins. It sounds odd but it really tasted good, it was served with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sliced green olives with a salsa hot sauce on top. They have the Americans bring dessert and chocolate is requested. So we all baked chocolate goodies. Sorry we didn´t get pictures of the food, I was helping in the kitchen and Dad is not a pathological photographer like I am.
I have tried to do a little decorating in the apartment without spending too much. We leave the decorations for the next missionaries so we are adding to them each year.
The country really gets into Christmas; there are lots of decorations up, mostly Santa and Christmas Trees. We hear that New Years is the really big Celebration. There are fireworks and then effigies are burned. We will have to watch from our window because I don´t think we want to be out. I´ll post more after our Christmas Day.
We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Our new nativity. It is beautiful.

Our Christmas decorations. Dad decorated the tree all by himself.

The Relief Society did a traditional dance.

Several of the Sisters sang Christmas Carols.

The Primary Children did a Fashion Show.

One of several Christmas trees in the city and the malls are all decorated much like home.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ibarra Children

Ibarra Children from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

I am attempting to post a video, hope it works. Would love your feedback and suggestions.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


We had the opportunity to take a short weekend trip to Guayaquil last week. It was delightful to get away and see some of the country. The two office Sisters and Dad and I all flew down Friday morning. Guayaquil is on the coast and is much warmer and more tropical than Quito because it is at 100 ft above sea level. This is also where the Temple is located and we were able to do two sessions. One on Friday evening and another on Saturday morning. Dad did both sessions in Spanish and did very well. The Temple grounds are beautiful and there were many people there attending the temple. Both days we were there groups of youth were doing baptisms. In between we did some tourist things. We visited a park full of iguanas, walked for miles (seemed like miles) along the river in an area that has been built as an urban renewal project and is beautiful. On Saturday we spent the afternoon at a Historical Park, I fell in love with the plants and flowers. Saturday night we went to dinner with a former missionary from Quito that we ran into as we were going into the Temple. Sunday we attended church with the family of one of our office elders. It was a busy weekend but very nice we really enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I did not bring the charger so we missed out on many pictures, lucky you!

I am going to have to do a whole book of the pictures I've taken of flowers.

Some members we met while at the Melecon 2000, we later met them again at the Temple.

Walking by the river, this is a beautiful area that the city has built.

The grounds of the temple are beautiful, notice the poinsettias.

Hna Dresen, Hna Naylor, Hna Yost, Elder Yost.

Quayaquil Temple.

Iguana park, there are 100's of Iguanas all over the place!

They are even in the trees.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ibarra, Children and Christmas

How blessed we feel to be in this place and able to do this work.

Branch members, missionaries and us, notice the smiles of service.

One of the dances, they were so excited.

Yummy Yummy it´s the same in any language.

Giving out a Christmas treat.

The children with their new desks.

December 16, 2010

We had the most delightful day. We have been working on a project for a day care center in Ibarra. This is a center that cares for children while their mothers work so the children do not have to stay home alone. We understand that many of the children are from single mother homes. The church provided 100 desks for the center and the senior missionaries deceided to make little treat bags to give to each of the children. We attended what is known as the presentation ceremony. The desks had been delivered the day before, and it appeared they were enjoyed and being used. We notified the missionaries in the area and asked if they could attend to hand out the treat bags. Several members of the branch came also and sang some Christmas songs. The children did several dances and put on a very special program. This center was wonderful, we are hoping that perhaps next year we can do another project for them and get a stove and some toys for the children. This just made my Christmas, it was wonderful.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking to Work

I had told Trudy that I always looked down whenever we walk to work (or any where here). She told me I need to look up not down and enjoy the city. So to let her and all of you know why we all look down when we walk I will attempt a slide show of some of the dangers present as we walk to work. All of the Senior Sisters have fallen at least once, I have come close but have not fallen so far (knock on wood).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evidence of Good Works

We were walking to work, like we do every morning, and noticed this gentleman in a wheelchair. When we got to looking we saw that it was one of the chairs that the Church donates. Fred asked if he could take a picture, we thought we might be able to use it to close one of the projects, since we can´t seem to get other pictures. Anyway he was so excited; he told us that the vice-president of the country had given him this chair. Then he saw the name tag, pointed to it and said "you too". It was wonderful to see evidence of the good work being done. Because of his wheelchair he is able to help direct traffic and parking at a hotel close to our office.
Just as an added note, while we were in Guayaquil we saw a child with a wheelchair from the Church, it was awesome.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Again, More Good-byes Saturday November 27, 2010

The whole group at President and Sister Sloans Home.

The Yosts´, the Sloans´, the Roses´, Hna. Dreson, the Geldmachers´
Hnas. Naylor, Rogers and Grosbeck.

Going away dinner with President and Sister Sloan

Lunch on Thursday with us the Roses and Fernando Agurrie

Our group going to dinner on Friday night.

Ready to leave for home.

Elder and Sister Rose left Saturday morning. We got up at 5 a.m. to help them load up and head to the airport. There are such mixed feelings, she was anxious to go home but thought she would miss Ecuador and the misssion. I told her I was jealous, she gave me a big hug and said "we are so much alike, I'll miss you". Elder Rose was worried he hadn't done enough on his mission (he did an awesome job with PEF). They were among the first to welcome us here and Sister Rose and I became quick friends. She had been doing nursing in the mission with the young sister missionaries, and was so excited to find out I was a nurse. I think she felt better about leaving knowing there was now another nurse to help out. I will never be able to fill her shoes she did so much for the mission and the missionaries. We had a short time together but will remember them always. We are planning on getting together when we return and continuing the friendship.

Other Pictures

Quito Mission nurses, Hermanas Grosbeck, Rogers, Rose and Yost.

My first haircut here,I think when I put my fingers together indicating I wanted only a little cut off she thought I was showing her how short I wanted it. Oh well, this way I won't need many hair cuts before coming home.

Shortly after we arrived we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant called La Rondo. After dinner we topped the evening off by going to the Roses' apartment for flu shots. Dad and I didn't need one because we had ours before leaving home.

The wiring here is very complicated. It reminds me of some pictures Thayne sent home from the Philippines.

The herd heading to work in the rain.

The gang arriving at work.

Dad and I at work.

This one is for Thayne. These are the young men who installed our internet. They asked why we wanted a picture, when we tries to explain our son installs internet back home they asked what company he works for, but could not make sense of "Big Dog".

I thought Thayne and Travis might enjoy these, only two of many I have taken. There is lots of construction here but little in way of safety measures.

We live in an area of the city known as "gringo" land; I guess there are more foreigners in this area. Anyway this is an area known as "party central". We avoid this area on Friday night when we walk home from work. The guide books all say to avoid this area at night especially after midnight.