Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am trying to blog!!

WE'RE REMODELING THE BASEMENT So we started a remolding project, and it has grown very big. We got the sheetrock, insalation and studs out, then viewing the empty cement I felt it would be good to put larger windows in. So Dad, Thayne and Trent started digging out the window wells, I called A-Core to come and cut them, but finding a contractor who would put the windows in was difficult, so we did it ourselves, I should say Dad and Thayne did it, and they do look great. Next we had to frame up the wall so the fireplace could be installed, this took a few days and on Friday Sept 5th the fireplace was installed, but they forgot some items to install the venting system. He was suppost to return later that day but still hasn't shown up, so we have a hole in the cement, thank goodness it isn't to cold yet. Dad and Thayne are now working on building the venting system outside. Hopefully we can get the propane tank delivered this week.