Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things I`ll Miss

Wednesday October 27, 2010

We still don`t have internet at our apartment, hopefully next week. The representive of the cable company came to our office today and we are signed up. It apparantly has to be approved etc. etc. and maybe next week we can get it installed. However I just learned that next week is a big 5 day holiday in Ecuador and nothing is open for business. So I guess we will wait and see. Anyway, I was feeling a little blue and down this morning and was thinking of all the things I miss. So thought I`d share with you so you can count your blessings. First, I miss my dryer. I did my first batch of laundry last night and hung everything up to dry on hangers or over wire closeline in the laundry room. The white shirts are going to be awful to iron. Second, I miss canned soup. We went shopping last night and there is no Campbells soup in Ecuador. Actually we found about 4 cans of soup that kind of looked like Campbells soup but there was no cream of mushroom or cream of chicken, and they were $3 a can. These are main stays of my cooking. Third, I miss the quiet. We are on the 11th floor of an apartment building, in a very busy city. There are dogs barking, car alarms going off, sirens all night and the neighbors who must hang things up on the walls all night judging by the hammering. Fourth, I miss my yard and space. The city has a few parks that we have seen, but only limited flowers etc. around. I really thought there would be more, maybe we just haven`t found the right area yet. Fifth, I miss my family and friends. The messages we have received are so welcome and anxiously received. I think of someone and wonder how they are or what they are doing.

Things I have discovered so far in Ecuador. First, the mercardo (market) we walked around today at lunch, it was so fun. I could spend a fortune here. Little tiendas (small booths) set up to sell just about anything. I`ll get pictures to post when I get my computer set up. Second, the friendliness of the people, everyone is kind and smiles even though I can`t communicate with them. Third, the other senior missionaries serving here. It is kind of like instant friends.

We have 18 months to enjoy this season of our lives so I will look up and try to see the good. I still miss all of you so much though. I`ll catch up on the blog with pictures when we get connected.

Monday, October 25, 2010

We´re Here

We arrived in Quito Ecuador on Saturday October 23, 2010 at about 10:30 p.m. It had been a very long day and we were wiped out. All the Senior Missionaries were at the airport to greet us. They gave me a bouquet of roses and took pictures, I almost felt like a celeberity. We took a taxi to our apartment and did some unpacking then finally went to bed about 1:00 a.m. We got up and went to church on Sunday morning. I was totally lost, I was able to understand a word now and then but not much more. Dad is doing very well with his Espanol. All the Senior Missionaries had dinner together Sunday night. We all live in the same building so it is convenient. Monday morning we got up and left the aptartment at 7:30 a.m. walked to the office and have been trying to figure out what we are suppose to do. We left for lunch and tried to find a printer for our apartment but they were out of the kind Dad wanted. We were suppose to go to get our internet hooked up but the Elders were not available to go with us, so here I am typing on the blog. We have had so many experiences the last three days. While we were at the airport in Miami two young boys came up to us in line and looked at my badge. I could tell he was trying to read it. I had my Espanol badge on and soon his face lit up and he asked if we were Mormon. I replied `si` he smiled big and said `me too`, then he turned to his little brother and explained we were Mormon missionaries. They were from Mexico and were flying home. Dad caught his pants on the arm of the airplane seat when we boarded in Chicago and ripped a hugh hole in his suit. When he got up to get off the plane everything was hanging out. We covered him up with his coat, found a sewing kit and he repaired it as best he could before our flight to Ecuador. At the airport in Ecuador again we were asked if we were Mormon. Dad had a pretty good conversation with a young couple who smiled and shook our hands. Later I asked if they were members and he shruged his shoulders and said `I don`t know, I couldn`t really understand them.` So much for making a good contact. We have been trying to learn our duties and are still kind of lost, but we have a temporary office and are getting the computers connected up for us to use. Dad seems to be finding some things to do but I am pretty lost right now. We are going to meet the Mission President at 5:00 p.m. today and are going to try to do some shopping at the Super Maxi before hand. Super Maxi is the grocery store chain here in Quito. Well I had better close for now and try to do something productive. We are slowly setteling in and getting use to things. All is well, All is well!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good-bye for now

It is Friday evening and again we have had a busy day. We leave at 4 a.m. so we are going to try and sleep for a few hours. It may be a while before I can catch up on the blog. Just know we love you all very much and we are missing everyone. Love Mom

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting Friends

October 22, 2010

We have had the opportunity to meet Emily Withers several times while we have been out and about. She is leaving shortly after we do. She just radiates joy and love. We wish her the very best on her mission. She will be a great missionary.
When we were leaving our apartment today for breakfast, I said hell-o to the Sister missionaries who were cleaning our building. One turned around and shouted "I found you, I can't believe I found you." It was Angela Oliverson. What a surprise. She looks so awesome. It was good to hear that her Dad is doing well. There are no coincidences in the Church but many small miracles.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Awesome Activities

On Sunday we attended the International Branch. What a delightful experience. They have a large group of Elders from Hong Kong, most are going to California Missions. Some Elders from The Dominican Republic going to Fiji. We met a Sister from Jordan and two Sisters from Pakistan all going to Temple Square. It was a little chilly Sunday and the Sisters from Pakistan where in heavy coats and appeared cold. I asked if they had ever seen snow. Of course the answer was no. I told them they were in for a real treat. A young Elder from Hong Kong gave a talk and spoke some Tongan he had learned from his companion. Only at this place could that happen. We have had some wonderful Devotionals. We had Bishop Edgley the first Tuesday, on Sunday we had the Executive Secretary here at the MTC Elder Beeson, his wife and several members of his family speak. His wife use to sing with the MTC (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and did a really cute singing rendition of a missionaries day using parts of hymns. Last night (Tuesday) we had Russell M. Nelson of the Twelve come. It was a wonderful evening. They reserve seats up front for the Senior Missionaries which gives us a really good spot to see and hear. Sorry no pictures, we are requested to not take pictures in devotionals. I am trying to get a copy of the song Sister Beeson did however. Almost forgot Sister Susan Tanner taught our Relief Society on Sunday. We also had a Sister from India give her conversion story. Truly I didn't know we had any members in some of these places!

Welfare/Humanitarian Training

On Thursday October 14 and Monday October 18 we spent our time in Salt Lake. Last Thursday we had training on the Perpetual Education Fund. What a phenomenal program. I wish we had been giving more to this fund. What vision President Hinckley had. They have helped over 44,000 young people better their lives through education. Elder Carmack and Elder Cook spoke to us, and we had awesome presentations. Last Monday we were again in Salt Lake for some of our welfare training. We toured Welfare Square, and the Humanitarian Center. Things have really changed especially at the Humanitarian Center. They are so much more focused, the whole area is clean and organized. When I was there some years ago it was chaos with all kinds of "stuff" everywhere. I marvel at the work the church does all over the world how I desire to help and do more.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Accomodations

October 19,2010

I said I would tell you more about the apartment, so here goes. You do not come to the MTC for the accommodations. It puts a whole new meaning on 'sufficient for our needs'. As you can see from the picture it is small and in one of the older buildings. It truly is sufficient for our needs however. We spend very little time here. We were asked what our feelings are about the MTC. I said the accommodations aren't much, the food isn't as good as I was led to believe, and the schedule was crazy (at this point everyone was looking at me kind of strange). I went on to say that the spirit was so wonderful, the association with everyone is so great and to be a part of this work was so rewarding that the other things didn't matter, (and they don't). I wish everyone could enjoy this experience!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Let The Work Begin

October 12, 2010

Tuesday was our first full day of training. Our daily schedule goes something like this: 5:30 - 6:00 am get up, shower dress and get to breakfast; 8:00 am classes begin we are to be in our seats 10 minutes early. 9:00 am move to a different building and work in smaller groups we get a break in here, then continue small group study, all of this is Preach My Gospel training. 12:00 Lunch. 1:30 - 2:30 pm large group meeting 2:30 - 4:45 small group meetings 5:00 pm Dinner. In the evenings there is language tutoring, computer tutoring or on Tuesdays a devotional. 8:00 p.m. we can usually head to our apartment and collapse. The training is awesome, we have young returned missionaries as trainers. Part of the training is learning to use Preach My Gospel, preparing outlines and discussions then practicing on real people. They have volunteers who come in and pretend to be non-members we are videoed and then suggestions can be given and improvements made. The senior missionaries only get 4 days of this training, so it is pretty accelerated. Remember when I said we could go to our apartment and rest, I forgot that we always have assignments to prepare for the next day. It has been a wonderful week of learning. Many in our group finished up on Friday and headed out for their mission. Some of us who are welfare, humanitarian, CES, employment etc have extra training. The Spirit is so great here, I'm lovn' it!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Arrived

October 11,2010

Early Monday morning we prepared, which means we packed again and loaded the car, and headed for the MTC. There is construction every where and getting in was a challenge, but when we figured out how to get in they were glad to see us and actually let us in. (I think because we were on the list) Then we drove around the MTC to our apartment (more on that later). After unloading we had to go out, drive around to the church parking lot and come back in through a back gate. I kind of felt like I was sneaking in. Immediately we were busy. Orientation, medical questions, welfare training schedules language training schedules and on and on. From 4-6 we had dinner and then had the evening to unpack and get ready for Tuesday. It is awesome to be here, the spirit is so wonderful. I love seeing all the Elders and Sisters, and it is so easy to remember every ones' first name. (It's Elder or Sister)!!!

More Good-byes

October 9. 2010
Saturday we spent with Trudy getting the kids pictures taken and just enjoying the day. Sunday Mom had a small gathering at her house, with a nice dinner of course. Diane and Terry with Darcy and Oakly; Gayle and Ron; Trudy and kids; Mom and Dad and us. It was nice to just visit and relax, Thanks Mom you always do the nicest things and in the nicest way. We love you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Special Temple Session

October 8,2010

We got up early Friday morning and went to the Jordan River Temple. We were on the session that Mom and Dad were doing. We were asked to be the witness couple. This was such a special occasion. To be in the Temple with family is the very best blessing one can have. This will be a special memory I will carry in my heart forever.

On Our Way

We finally got away Thursday afternoon. We were leaving several hours later than we had planned and the packing we did left much to be desired. It was pouring rain and I didn't get to take one last walk around the yard. We stopped at the farm in Preston and had a nice visit with Uncle Gordon and Aunt Kathryn. We stopped to see Randy and Judy but they weren't home, sorry we missed you. We finally made it to Trudy's about 8 p.m.

Other Goodbyes

As I was trying to get things up to date I realised I had left out a very special time. Our Young Women's Presidency got together for lunch just before I left. Here again I have been so blessed to work with truly elect women of our Heavenly Father. These have been the best 4 years. We have had so much fun and so many wonderful experiences together. I will miss all of you! Thank you for everything, I have learned so much and grown so much from associating with you.

Setting Apart

October 7, 2010

After everything we had to do yesterday this day came early. We had been up late trying to get things ready and we got up early to continue to get things packed. President Poston, Wanda, Bishop Campbell and Kathy Whitworth joined us for our setting apart. This was a special experience. The blessings were beautiful and just what we needed. I was blessed with patience as I try to learn Spanish and Dad was blessed with the gift of tongues. Trudy says this is a dream come true for Dad, I won't be able to say much for 18 months.


October 6,2010
Just a quick note here. I think the devil is trying to make things a little difficult. We were trying to leave on Thursday. Both Dad and I ended up with medical situations that had to be resolved. On Wednesday I was having a biopsy and Dad was in Pocatello seeing a lung specialist. When we got home we needed to get things ready to leave but we were both so tired it was hard to do anything. Everything is fine and it was good to be checked out but we sure left a mess for Thayne to take of. Not the way I wanted to leave things.

Last Day of Work

September 29, 2010

Today was my last day at Teton Oncology. Saying good-bye to so many friends and co-workers was difficult. I have been so blessed to work with such wonderful, caring talented people. Everyone is so great and I will miss all of you so very much. I love our patients and miss seeing them. Thank you for being so wonderful and for being so thoughtful.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Walk of Fame

We have added several new hand prints to our special garden path. We added Elaiza, Elainor and Adi, plus Abby, Kaitlyn and Olivia, Tayden, Taylyn and Talen. The walk is becoming so very special to us.

On the 12th of September we spoke in church, kind of our farewell. Mom and Dad Oliverson, Randy and Judy, KC and Jake, Syd, Trent and Vi, Trudy and Travis all were able to come. We had a nice day, the weather was great. Dad said he worried about 3 things when he went as a young missionary, 1. would he be a good missionary 2. could he learn the language and 3. would he get along with his companion. He has the same three worries as an old missionary. I told him not to worry, we have a two bedroom apartment.