Thursday, December 29, 2011

Elder Moranda and the Traveling Suitcase

NOTE: I will try to catch up on all the doings from the last of October, November and the first part of December. It seems that as the time grows shorter everything kind of snowballs and I get behind, sorry!

The flowered suitcase on its way to continue traveling around the world.

Elder Maranda with the special suitcase, so glad it was here in his time of need.

October 21, 2011
Elder Moranda was the Elder that stayed with us for a little over a week after he had surgery. We became quite close to him. He was waiting for his visa to go to Venezuela where his actual call was. His visa finally came through and he prepared to leave Quito, but he needed a suitcase! Low and Behold we had the flowered D.I. suitcase that the Flakes have been using. This suitcase has traveled all over the world, Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Cambodia to name a few places. It comes full of goodies for the missionaries and leaves full of souvenirs or gifts for the missionaries families. Elder and Sister Flake are awesome in their care of the missionaries all over the world. However, their daughter threatened that if they brought this suitcase home again she would throw it away, so it was left in our care. Well on this day that suitcase is once again in use and on its way to Venezuela. Oh the stories it could tell!

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