Thursday, December 29, 2011


We had our Primary Program in October. We had arrived a little early and some of the children were singing to practice for the program. Since it wasn´t during the meeting I took this short video, thought the grandkids would enjoy hearing the children here sing the same songs they are singing there.

We had stopped by the Stake Center in Otavalo and this little girl was with her mother, it was so cute to see the doll strapped on her back just like the mothers do here.

An Otavalian woman in the market. I love the indidgious peoples!

The roses here are so beautiful, I usually have some in the office and at home. I love taking pictures of them, maybe I´ll do a whole post of all the rose pictures I have.

The end of October Ecuador celebrates a holiday that some call the Day of the Dead, however most Ecuadorians prefer Day of the Family. It is a day to visit cemetaries and decorate graves and remember loved ones. In the more rural areas the families actually take a meal to the cemetary and eat together. For about a week before these little breads are sold, they are called Gua Gua (waa waa) babies and I think they are to remember loved ones departed, no one could tell us for sure just that they are a tradition. As I am preparing to post this I realize that this celebration is Nov 2nd, but you are getting it with Octobers posts!

Some of the Sister Missionaries, Hermanas, Sister Norman, Sister Dakay, she is from the Philippines and was an awesome missionary, this picture was actually taken for her as she was leaving and wanted a remembrance, Sister Rogers the nurse, and Sister Nelson.

Just a couple of pictures and items I wanted to share before proclaiming that October has been blogged.

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