Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthdays and Anniversaries

To complete this anniversary day we served dinner to the Elders at the mission home. An anniversary day of work, service and being together.

We left work a little early to go home and prepare spaggetti sauce.

Lunch in the cafeteria at the office, we had peanut butter and mora jam sandwiches.

Organizing school kit supplies for our trip to Tena.

Tying and binding quilts.

Close up of the roses dad gave me.

Fernanco and his wife Ana Luca gave me roses and a box of chocolates. Others in the office baked a cake and gave me a loaf of carrott bread. They are all so thoughtful and sweet. It has been a blessing to get to know so many wonderful people.

62 roses for my birthday, they are so beautiful! Only in Ecuador!

September 6 and 28, 2011

September 6th marked our wedding anniversary, 43 years together. We spent the day doing our usual work. We worked on quilts, organized materials for school kits and then went to the Mission Home to feed the Elders. We were tired but this was an anniversary to remember. On September 28th I turned 26 (dyslexia) again we spent the day in the office but did go to lunch together. On Saturday we had gone to Santa Clara with the other missionaries and Dad bought me 62 roses, this could only happen in Ecuador.

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The Yosts said...

beautiful roses! And I love your aprons!