Monday, October 3, 2011

Diana- A New Special Friend

One day we were at the market by the office when one of the venders introduced herself as a member of the church. We have visited her tienda many times and have gotten to know her. Her name is Diana Quishpe and she served a mission in the Provo, Utah area. One day she indicated that she had a companian named Yost who was from Idaho and talked about the all the cows they had. We thought it might be Merlin´s (dad´s cousin), daughter but we don´t know for sure. One day I asked her if there was something from her mission she wished she had brought home with her, she said she wished she had gotten an Indian Doll. We asked Thayne and the Flakes to see if they could find a doll before the Flakes came for the NRT. They both looked several places but were not able to find one. Then at the airport as the Flakes left Salt Lake Sister Flake found one. Diana was so happy! I feel this was another tender mercy of the Lord. He is watching over all his children and loves them all.

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