Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I had to put this one in even though there are power lines in it just so you can see the three waterfalls in the jungle. We pass these on our way to Tena.

I am adding this picture because it turned out so good being taken through a window of the car traveling down the highway, I think we slowed down to cross a bridge when I snapped it.

Sunset from our window.

Rio Napo in the Oriente.

Just another waterfall.

Volcano Antisana we have traveled to Tena 4 times and this was the first time the volcano was visable, such majesty.

By far my favorite thing is the waterfalls in the jungle areas, they are so beautiful.

There are many many rivers as we travel toward the jungle.

The diversity of flowers and fruits is amazing.

Fernando indicated that this rock had 3 faces in it. Can you see them?

I love it when we catch a glimpse of one of the volcanos.

Not to far out of Quito, as we head south we come to areas that are very much desert areas, lots of cactus and little other vegetation.

On the way to Tulcan. This patchwork landscape still amazes us, it often goes to the top of the mountains.

We did quite a bit of traveling during September and I wanted to post a few pictures of the countryside we traveled through. Going to Tena we traveled through 2 different National Parks that were beautiful. It is interesting that in just a very short time we can go from hugh city, to desert areas with little vegetation except for cactus and grass into jungle areas that are so full of vegetation you could not get through if you tried. Ecuador is a very small country but it is so diverse it continues to amaze us.

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