Monday, October 17, 2011


Just a quick note, I am very behind on getting post done and on the blog, as you can see by the date on this post. It is December 9th, Tracy is here climbing so haven´t seen much of him but we are looking forward to seeing him before he leaves. I will try to catch up on the posts so I am more current with things! Promise!

Volcano Altar

Volcano Cotacachi

Volcano Cayambe

Volcano Imbaburra

Volcano Antisana

Neither of these pictures are really very good but at least you can see Tungurahua, it is currenty erupting again.

Chimborazo highest mountain in Ecuador, when you are on top of this mountain you are at the closest point to the sun on the earth.

Closer view of Cotopaxi

When we flew to Portoviejo we went right over the top of Pichincha and there wern´t any clouds, got some great fotos.

Volcan Ilinizas

Not sure this is a volcano but it is a cool looking mountain.


While driving to Tena we were able to see so many volcanos. They are usually covered in clouds and not visable. They are so majestic and I enjoy looking at them and taking photos. But then I like to take lots of photos of almost everything. Thought I would post a few so you can see them. Tracy is here climbing some of these.

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Jeri Pettingill said...

So cool! I appreciate your photos. I can't remember much of my experiences without photos to remind me. You have the photos and you even know which volcano is which! Thanks for sharing.