Monday, October 17, 2011


This is a nursery where the babies are not critical but still need special care. One nurse cares for 6-9 babies in 3 small rooms.

The hospital has the ability to care for 14 ill babies but often have 18 to 20 babies that need help. The day we were there all available beds were in use. The babies all have tons of beautiful hair.

They have pieced together parts to make their own therapy lights. The newest light they had was 25 years old. They were so excited to receive two new lights.

Nurses in the NICU area.

Picture with the Director of the Hospital.

Elder Yost and Fernando putting one of the photo therapy light together.

October 12, 2011
We were able to deliver the NICU equipment to the Ambato Hospital today. We did an NRT training here last year, and they asked if we could help them obtain some much needed equipment. They are in need of so much and had requested many items. We couldn´t do all they needed but were able to get a few items to help. There were 3 pulse oximeters, 2 photo therapy lights, 6 oxygen hoods, and an infant scale. I so wish we could give them more, they do a great work with so little.

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