Monday, October 17, 2011


Sorry to be so far behind on the posts, but this seems to fit right after Thanksgiving! Should help us appreciate the good food we have, of course these are considered a delicacy in Tena, so I guess we shouldn´t judge.

This is licking the platter clean! Some took the fish heads from those of us who didn´t eat the heads and finished them off. Sorry it is a little blurry.

I thought I did very will eating my meal until I saw how clean the others plates were!

Lunch is served! The fish is Tilapia, the white fibourus things in front is yuca, the orange lime is a cross between a mandarina and a lime and is very good. At the top is palm heart and green beans, the onions and tomatoes are a typical salad.

Our lunch being cooked!

Dad popped it in his mouth so quickly I did not get a good picture. He said he would have chickened out if he had thought about it.

All cooked up and ready to eat!

They are kept in these small containers so they are fresh ready to cook.

One of the chicha de chonta before it is cooked.

While we were in Tena we were taken out for lunch at a small outdoor eating establishment. We had fish (piscado) which was wrapped in a large leaf and cooked on an open fire grill. We also had yuca, palm heart and green beans (I think). Then we were served a delacacy, chicha de chonta, the best way I can describe them is plump grubs. They live in the palm trees here and I guess people go out and gather them up. They are unique to Tena and I am told they taste like chicken skin. I did not try one but Dad was brave and ate one.

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Shebearof3 said...

Grandpa I can't believe you ate that!!!Yuck!!!!