Monday, October 24, 2011


I was going to create a slide show but Slide is closing and everything is moved to Picasa. My brain has been trying to learn many things lately and I just could not fit learning another way to make a slide show. I will work on it and learn just not today. Hope you enjoy these pictures it was a fun place to visit.

These three pictures show a "green guy" waiting for a cut and the gardener doing the cutting.

They are all different and sooooooo cute!

Hermana Yost, Elder Yost, Fernando

Dad and I with one of the topiary. Tulcan is very cold thus the sweater. It is amazing how cold some areas are so close to the equator.

You may think it strange to do a post about a cemetery. However, if you have never visited a cemetery in South America I will recommend it. We visited one in Uruguay when we were there and I found it fascinating. They are just very old, interesting and different. We had heard that the cemetery in Tulcan was even more interesting than usual and we heard right. This is a large cemetery and appears to be very old. The whole cemetery is filled with topiary. Large, beautifully done topiary! It was so fun! We didn´t have much time for our visit, that always seems to be the case, but we got to at least see part of it and I got several pictures. There are only 6 gardeners that maintain all the topiary and they do a beautiful job.

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The Yosts said...

amazing topiaries! the girls loved seeing them, "cool!" was said a lot.