Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Santa Clara Shopping with the Locals

In the upstairs there is an area with baskets, pottery somr furniture and assorted other items.

The meat market. This area is hugh, with every kind of meat you can imagine.

Beautiful flowers. These are mostly the dried flowers on the opposite side there are fresh flowers stacked just as high.

Fruits and vegtables, lots of them!

There is an area not to far from our office called Santa Clara. Here is where the locals shop. It is a hugh area with just about anything you could want. There is one large warehouse type building with lots and lots of shops. Then all around the warehouse are shops of every kind. I found craft items, a plasic store that sells all things plastic, and a baby shop where I got several hats to make the birthing kits we put together for the Parteras. We go here to buy the Ecuadorian version of chocolate chips.

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Shebearof3 said...

that is an awsome shopping center. wish I could spend a day there.