Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

As I am doing the posts I sometimes have pictures and videos that I can´t always get on the post. As a result I deceided to do an Odds and Ends post with some pictures and videos for your enjoyment.

We are often stopped on our way to work by students who are studing English and have an assignment to talk to English speaking people, They ask us questions, fill out forms for their assignments and sometime take a picture.

I just love this picture of a girl and her sheep. This was in Colta as we were leaving the HBB training. On the way there we saw a bus with several live sheep tied to the top of the bus, wish I had gotten a picture of that!

US Navy Band - Anchors Away Manta Ecuador from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

Ecuador National Anthem from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

A pelican on a fence in Manta. We saw lots of pelican but few seagulls.
I could watch sail boats all day long. From our balcony in Manta.

Of course at every meeting we feed the 5,000, at least it seems like five thousand.

Sister Rogers our mission nurse and Sister Figueroa her companion. They come in to the office every Friday and we take them to lunch. I help Sister Rogers with some of the nursing for the mission and Sister Figueroa helps Sister Naylor enter baptism records in the mission office.

We have had at least 2 sets of missionaries robbed by the robbers using a mind control drug or substance. The thieves ask the missionaries to help them read a paper and the paper has the drug on it. Once exposed the victims will do whatever is asked of them. This is getting to be a big problem here and has been a problem in Colombia for a while. For more information Google scopolamine or mind control drugs. In these pictures Elder and Sister Geldmacher are doing a skit to teach the missionaries about this problem. Elder Vomocil and Elder DiNatali are helping. They do some really fun skits for the missionaries.

We had Elder Miranda stay with us for several days while he was recovering from surgery. He has become quite special to us. He is waiting for a visa to go to Venezuela.

Dad doing his Emergency Preparedness presentation for the missionaries, he wrote the new Preparedness Plan for the mission. Guess you could say he wrote the book.

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Trudy said...

Thanks for the odds & ends!!! It's fun to see the day to day things that go on. Love ya