Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lunch with Fernando and Anna Lucia Aguirre

Higos con queso, figs with cheese. This also takes much time to prepare, the figs are soaked in water overnight then cooked in the honey sauce for several hours, it is very good and very sweet ( have no idea of the calories)
This soup is made with 12 gains, representing the 12 apostles, it is time consuming to made, there is also dried salt cod and empanadas, small bread balls that are placed in the soup when serving it.

Friday May 6, 2011

Fernando told us to be ready to leave at 11:30 but did not tell us where we were going. He took us to his home where his wife, Anna Lucia, had prepared a special lunch for us. She had made Fanesca Ecuatoriana, a special soup that is made for Easter here in Ecuador. It is made with 12 different porotos (beans) which some say represent the 12 apostles. I could not believe the size of pot she made the soup in it was huge. I did some research to find out more about this soup. It is very time comsuming to made and is only made at Easter because that is when all the ingrediants are available fresh, thus the large pot (if you are going to go to the effort of making it may as well make a large pot). She also served us Higos con queso (figs with cheese) in a special sugar/honey sauce. They are really good but very sweet and two is almost too much to eat. We have become very fond of Fernando and his wife, they are great people.

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