Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Ronda - Old, Old Town Quito

Taking a rest, Dad and Elder Pettingill finish sightseeing much quicker then Sister Pettingill and I, so they sat on the cornor. Sister Pettingill was taking pictures, and of course I was taking pictures of her taking pictures..

This is the turntable (lathe) that is used in the convent for the nuns to sell the items they make, this way they are never visiable to the public. They make aromatic waters for nervousness and insomnia, honey and bottles of strong sweet wine, also something called "lemons debittered" leche.

Security- reminds me of New York (from what I have seen in the movies), wonder what the inside looks like?

We were in this area on a Friday afternoon, the whole length of the street was set up with games for the children to play and they were enjoying it.

The first house in Quito. Sorry you can´t really see much of the house.

Historical sign for La Ronda area, narrow streets and alleys mark the area. This is actually a natural gully from lava flows of Pichuncha Volcano.

Doors on the Quito Cathedral, on the left is Peter and on the right is Matthew.

Trying some new photo techniques! Saints on the Quito Cathedral.

The casa (home) of Ecuador´s Patron Saint Sister Mariána de Jusús. She must have not been very tall.

In all of the really old pictures of Quito this gate is shown. This marks La Ronda, the oldest area in Quito. The gate is called Arco de la Reina and was built in the 18th century to give shelter to churchgoers, it is over the street García Moreno.

Friday June 17, 2011

We had made reservations to have dinner with President and Sister Sloan in Old Town and then attend the Friday evening dance preformance. The Area President came to visit with President Sloan and so things did not work out. Elder and Sister Pettingill had arranged to get some time off and asked if we could still go and do some sightseeing. So we left the office at two, took the Trolly and walked around for about 3 hours. We explored some areas Dad and I had not been to yet. We found a museum we are going to go back to and visited an area called La Ronda, the oldest part of Old Town. It was so fun and interesting. We also visited the home of Sister Mariána de Jesús, she is the patron saint of Ecuador. I have done some reading on her and she had some very interesting visions of our day. This is still a working convent and the nuns make homemade creams and natural remedies that can be purchased. They use a turn table type of device so that you never see the nuns. They also only have one hour a day that they can speak to each other or watch TV, the rest of the time they are silent.

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