Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventures in Eating

I have to share a couple of pictures of the food. We have tried some interesting dishes but I find that I am not as adventurous as I was when I was younger. I have not found a specific cuisine that is unique to Ecuador. Traditional foods are rice, beans and chicken. Ceviche, a soup served cold that has a citrus base with shrimp, seems to be the main traditional dish I have noticed. We did try this at a buffet we went to and I was not impressed, but I have decided to try it again when we go to a better restaurant.

Maíz Tostados roasted corn with aji sauce, a hot sauce that the missionaries love.

Most Friday´s we take the Sister Missionaries to lunch, here is Sister Rogers, our mission nurse, and her companion Sister Figueroa.

Sometimes the food does not have lots of eye appeal, but there is usually plenty, it is filling and doesn´t cost much. This is chicken pounded flat and thin then breaded and deep fried.

A typical lunch, I get ensalada russo and Dad gets chicken, rice and eggs, this day he skipped the chicken.

This is granadilla, you eat the seeds inside, I need to do a whole post on the different fruits that are here, there are so many and some are really different looking. Yes, it is slimy and the seeds are very crunchy and leave a funny taste in your mouth. Elder Vomocil says he makes a small hole in the shell and sucks out the slimy juice without the seeds.

Shrimp, camaronies, is by far my favorite.

This is a dish we had in Riobamba, hornado, pork off the pig with crisp pieces of golden brown skin; mote, boiled kernels of corn, lettuce (which we did not eat) and papas (potatoes). The pork was a whole pig roasted on an open grill.

I had wanted a good piece of beef and this was really good. Dad liked it because the meat was from Uruguay. The meal was meat and papas fritas (french fries) no vegetables involved. It is served on a grill of hot coals so it stayed hot and we would cut off what we wanted.

This was our breakfast in Guayaquil,it is called Balón and is made from green bananas, ham, and cheese all rolled together and cooked. It was actually pretty good. It is a traditional food from the coast. It kind of rivals the Egg McMuffin. The juice is tomate de árbol, tree tomatoes, it is really good. Bet you never knew tomatoes grow on trees.

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