Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father´s Day in Ecuador

Since I didn´t have a picture of Father´s Day thought I would add this one from our trip to Old Town. Dad with another women! (she is actually cardboard)

Sunday June 19, 2011

While Mother´s Day was quite special, Father´s Day was pretty much just another Sunday. The Primary Children did sing "I am a Child of God" in sacrament meeting for the Fathers. They sang the 1st verse in Quichua, the 2nd in Spanish and 3rd in English. It brought tears to my eyes. We had tried to get a sweater for Dad but there wasn´t one he really liked. The stores where we get ties didn´t have any that were appropriate for a missionary. I wanted to get the chess set he wants but he needs to come and bargain and he didn´t want to. We did go to dinner on Saturday; there is a new restaurant close to our apartment called "Adam´s Rib". They had ribs, chicken and stakes and it was surprisingly good. Not much of a celebration but Happy Father´s Day anyway!
(We have since gotten a sweater for him that looks really nice I´ll have to post a picture of it.)

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