Friday, May 6, 2011

Santo Domingo - Esmeraldas

A statue in Esmeraldas, which kind of tells you about the area. The story goes that a slave ship wrecked off the coast and the slaves made this their home. There are many people of African descent here, the area kind of reminds you of Africa.

Having dinner with the sister missionaries Sister Rogers, Sister Flores and Sister Jaramillo at our hotel, the Perele Verde.

Sister Rogers, our mission nurse, enjoying the sun. I have been her companion as we have traveled to the special trainings.

Our whole group is riding on one motorcycle.

Beautiful beaches, next time I hope to be in P-day cloths and enjoy a walk on the beach.

The girls on the beach.

This is the way to enjoy the beach.

Being in church cloths is not the best way to enjoy the beach, but at least we got to see it.

April 19-20, 2011
Our next to the last special training/health fair was in Santo Domingo then up to Esmeraldas. We have been to Santo Domingo before, and will be doing an NRT in August there, but this was our first time in Esmeraldas. It is on the coast and there are beautiful beaches. The area is very poor and we would love to do a humanitarian project here. We had the chance to go to the beach briefly with Sister Sloan and her daughters. She is great to shop with, she can really bargain.

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