Friday, May 6, 2011

A Few Traveling Pictures

I have several pictures and a few stories I want to share so I am going to try a post about them and hope I don't get to involved and lose everyones interest.

Volcano Cotocachi known as Mama Cotocachi, near Otavallo.

Volcano Imbabura. The story goes according to my guide book: "The locals refer to Volcán Imbabura as Taita (Daddy) Imbabura and Volcán Cotacachi as Mama Cotacachi. These two extinct volcanoes can be seen from Otavalo on clear days: the massive bulk of Taita to the east and the sharper, jagged peak of Mama to the northwest. When it rains in Otavalo, they say that Taita Imbabura is pissing in the valley. Another legend suggests that when Mama Cotacachi awakes with a fresh covering of snow, Taita Imbabura has paid her a conjugal visit. What happens when snow falls on Imbabura? Or when drought dries the valleys? You´ll have to ask a local."

They have done some fun things with their light posts in Otavallo.

Fields in Otavallo, on our way to the Condor Park.

Everywhere we go in Ecuador there is laundry hanging up.

Mom with the Otavalan girl who is a member of the church. Notice the beautiful blouse and the gold necklace, this is traditional dress and very beautiful.

Dad with some young Otavalan girls, one is a member of the church, thay sang to us in Quichua. They are beautiful people and the members feel very strongly they are descentants of Book of Mormon peoples.

On our way home from Esmeraldas we stopped for a few minutes and I was able to get a few shots of these beautiful waterfalls. I think the garden of Eden might have been a bit like Ecuador.

I just happened to catch this Inca face carved in the mountain, I need to find out more information on it and hopefully we can pass this way again and get a better picture of it.

As we were traveling back home from Esmeraldas this young mother and her children sat by Dad. Dad put out his arms and the little boy came right to him and sat on his lap, must be the grandpa appeal. Dad bought some crackers from a vender, the little boy ate them all and shortly both of them were asleep.

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Shebearof3 said...

That is the cutest picture of grandpa and the little boy sleeping. it makes us miss him all the more more. Can't wait to have a hug from you both. Sending you Lots of Love!