Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Health Fair and Other Activities

Dad working hard, Mom playing around with the camera.

Mom in the office by a plaque we received from the Day Care Center in Ibarra.

Dad in our office by the white board where we keep track of our various projects. You can see several are crossed off this means they are completed.

This was a previous meeting were Dad and I help serve breakfast, just before leaving for the Oriente. I could post several pictures of us serving but after awhile it gets old and actually I don´t take pictures much any more of these.

This was our latest meeting. Elder and Sister Geldmacher and I helped serve breakfast and then fixed luch for the Zone Leaders. I also helped Sister Rogers present an emergency first aid training/game to the leaders (sorry didn´t get any pictures of the game). That evening Dad and I served dinner at the mission home to the Zone Leaders. I also did some cooking for this whole event. We love being with the missionaries it is so fun to watch how much they can eat and they are always so grateful.

Pictures of the Health Fair, at least twice a year we visit each Zone and do the height, weight and blood pressure of each missionary. We also do some health teaching, for this one we did teaching on skin infections and oral care. Each missionary was given a new toothbrush.

Dad has been a little worried that many of you will think we only do sightseeing and touristy things, as that is mostly what I seem to post on the blog. He is worried that you will think we are not doing our humanitarian work or even much missionary work. So here is the real scoop. In April we traveled lots doing health fairs for the missionaries. During the time we traveled we looked for or made contacts for humanitarian projects in each of the areas we visited. Most of the pictures on the blog are taken from bus windows, or at quick stops. We do get to visit some sites, at least we try, at each of the locations we go to and I take lots of pictures. Just trust me when I say that pictures of our everyday stuff would really be boring and you would not get to see any of this beautiful country even if THE VIEW is from a bus window.

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Lindsie said...

I never believed you were just sight seeing. :) I showed my parents your blog, especially the posts about the mid-wife training and giving out desks etc. They really loved seeing what you and the church are doing. Thanks for sharing it all with us!