Friday, May 6, 2011

Kits for JUCONI - Junto con los Niños

A school kit and hygeine kit ready to be given out.

JUCONI works to help the children that are working on the street to get back into school. It takes many years of working with the families to see success but they are doing a wonderful job.

We were able to deliver some of the kits to the children who were there. The rest will be used and given out by the staff as they work with the children and their families.

This young man has been with the program several years and soon will graduate from High School, the first in his family. He delivered a beautiful thank you speech and gave us a wonderful thank you card signed by the staff and the children.

Dad signing the donation delivery papers with Andrea Balda A. the director of the Foundation.

We had a wonderful group of young people from the Institute and several of the missionaries came to help out. It took less than 3 hours to do 1,000 kits.

Packing 500 school kits and 500 hygeine kits for delivery on Friday.

Wednesday April 13, 2011

Today we assembled 500 school kits and 500 hygiene kits for a project in Guayaquil with the JUCONI foundation. This group helps kids that are working on the street to get back into school. They have found that they have to work with the families and teach them the importance of education. They also have to help families learn to be functional and break the cycle of abuse that is present in so many of these homes. We flew to Guayaquil on Friday to present the kits. There were several children there and they loved their kits. We also gave the foundation a framed copy of the Family Proclamation. This was an emotional and wonderful experience. We have found so many times that if the gospel was taught and lived most of the world’s problems would just disappear.

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