Friday, May 6, 2011

Baños, Ecuador

Volcán Tungurahua, this is an active volcano that releases gases and ash on a regular basis.

Our hotel on the hill.

Baños is famous for their many beautiful waterfalls.

Venders at the bus station, notice the sugar cane being sold. It is sold raw cut and bundled, cut up in packages that you can chew or juiced and sold in jugs.

In Baños at the park in town.

Pulling taffy.

Coming into Baños, very beautiful!

On our way to Baños I noticed these cows grazing, they are lost in the long grass, no lack of food for them.

Saturday April 2, 2011
We left Coca and made our way to Baños. We needed to go to Ambato to do another TB test but it is a very long journey so we deceided to spend a night in Baños then head for Ambato tomorrow. I took about 5 hours to get to Tena then we took another bus for 4 hours to Baños. We had really wanted to be traveling home today as it was conference weekend but the time line just did not work. We were unable to get the usual hotel the church uses in Baños so we had to stay in a very fancy hotel high on the mountain overlooking the city. It is situated at the base of Volcán Tungurahua and usually you can hear and feel the volcano. This evening the volcano was quiet and pretty much covered in clouds. The hotel was nice and the food was really good but the cost was outragious, won´t be staying there again. Baños is beautiful, a tourist destination and it shows. There are lots of Tagua Nut shops here, also sugar cane and taffy. We didn´t have time to do much sightseeing so just walked around town for a while then went to our hotel. It was nice to relax for the evening. Sunday morning the Geldmacher´s went to check/inspect the Sister´s apartment then we headed for the bus station and our journey to Ambato. We arrived in Ambato between conference sessions. I got the TB test done and we headed out again for home. We got home late and were very tired. It has been a busy week with lots of traveling but it has been a good week, we hope we can get some good projects from the trip.

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