Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welfare/Humanitarian Training

On Thursday October 14 and Monday October 18 we spent our time in Salt Lake. Last Thursday we had training on the Perpetual Education Fund. What a phenomenal program. I wish we had been giving more to this fund. What vision President Hinckley had. They have helped over 44,000 young people better their lives through education. Elder Carmack and Elder Cook spoke to us, and we had awesome presentations. Last Monday we were again in Salt Lake for some of our welfare training. We toured Welfare Square, and the Humanitarian Center. Things have really changed especially at the Humanitarian Center. They are so much more focused, the whole area is clean and organized. When I was there some years ago it was chaos with all kinds of "stuff" everywhere. I marvel at the work the church does all over the world how I desire to help and do more.

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