Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things I`ll Miss

Wednesday October 27, 2010

We still don`t have internet at our apartment, hopefully next week. The representive of the cable company came to our office today and we are signed up. It apparantly has to be approved etc. etc. and maybe next week we can get it installed. However I just learned that next week is a big 5 day holiday in Ecuador and nothing is open for business. So I guess we will wait and see. Anyway, I was feeling a little blue and down this morning and was thinking of all the things I miss. So thought I`d share with you so you can count your blessings. First, I miss my dryer. I did my first batch of laundry last night and hung everything up to dry on hangers or over wire closeline in the laundry room. The white shirts are going to be awful to iron. Second, I miss canned soup. We went shopping last night and there is no Campbells soup in Ecuador. Actually we found about 4 cans of soup that kind of looked like Campbells soup but there was no cream of mushroom or cream of chicken, and they were $3 a can. These are main stays of my cooking. Third, I miss the quiet. We are on the 11th floor of an apartment building, in a very busy city. There are dogs barking, car alarms going off, sirens all night and the neighbors who must hang things up on the walls all night judging by the hammering. Fourth, I miss my yard and space. The city has a few parks that we have seen, but only limited flowers etc. around. I really thought there would be more, maybe we just haven`t found the right area yet. Fifth, I miss my family and friends. The messages we have received are so welcome and anxiously received. I think of someone and wonder how they are or what they are doing.

Things I have discovered so far in Ecuador. First, the mercardo (market) we walked around today at lunch, it was so fun. I could spend a fortune here. Little tiendas (small booths) set up to sell just about anything. I`ll get pictures to post when I get my computer set up. Second, the friendliness of the people, everyone is kind and smiles even though I can`t communicate with them. Third, the other senior missionaries serving here. It is kind of like instant friends.

We have 18 months to enjoy this season of our lives so I will look up and try to see the good. I still miss all of you so much though. I`ll catch up on the blog with pictures when we get connected.


Trudy said...

don't feel down! We love you and think about you everyday! The girls always want to say prayers for there g-ma and g-pa on the mission. So I told them that they can say a prayer in there hearts when every they think of you. I see Taydem sitting quietly every know and then...she's saying a prayer. Love you hope it gets a little better.

Linda said...

Brenda, I finally found your blog today! So fun to read! I sure do miss you too - every work day! Thanks for the email, so fun to hear from you. Dane signed contracts and we become Mountain View on November 15. Not sure exactly what that means yet. You are always in my thoughts! Good luck in your many adventures, I will follow them with great interest. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and example to me!!