Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Accomodations

October 19,2010

I said I would tell you more about the apartment, so here goes. You do not come to the MTC for the accommodations. It puts a whole new meaning on 'sufficient for our needs'. As you can see from the picture it is small and in one of the older buildings. It truly is sufficient for our needs however. We spend very little time here. We were asked what our feelings are about the MTC. I said the accommodations aren't much, the food isn't as good as I was led to believe, and the schedule was crazy (at this point everyone was looking at me kind of strange). I went on to say that the spirit was so wonderful, the association with everyone is so great and to be a part of this work was so rewarding that the other things didn't matter, (and they don't). I wish everyone could enjoy this experience!!!!!

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