Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Awesome Activities

On Sunday we attended the International Branch. What a delightful experience. They have a large group of Elders from Hong Kong, most are going to California Missions. Some Elders from The Dominican Republic going to Fiji. We met a Sister from Jordan and two Sisters from Pakistan all going to Temple Square. It was a little chilly Sunday and the Sisters from Pakistan where in heavy coats and appeared cold. I asked if they had ever seen snow. Of course the answer was no. I told them they were in for a real treat. A young Elder from Hong Kong gave a talk and spoke some Tongan he had learned from his companion. Only at this place could that happen. We have had some wonderful Devotionals. We had Bishop Edgley the first Tuesday, on Sunday we had the Executive Secretary here at the MTC Elder Beeson, his wife and several members of his family speak. His wife use to sing with the MTC (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and did a really cute singing rendition of a missionaries day using parts of hymns. Last night (Tuesday) we had Russell M. Nelson of the Twelve come. It was a wonderful evening. They reserve seats up front for the Senior Missionaries which gives us a really good spot to see and hear. Sorry no pictures, we are requested to not take pictures in devotionals. I am trying to get a copy of the song Sister Beeson did however. Almost forgot Sister Susan Tanner taught our Relief Society on Sunday. We also had a Sister from India give her conversion story. Truly I didn't know we had any members in some of these places!

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Trudy said...

Mom, It sounds so wonderful. Love all the updates!