Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Arrived

October 11,2010

Early Monday morning we prepared, which means we packed again and loaded the car, and headed for the MTC. There is construction every where and getting in was a challenge, but when we figured out how to get in they were glad to see us and actually let us in. (I think because we were on the list) Then we drove around the MTC to our apartment (more on that later). After unloading we had to go out, drive around to the church parking lot and come back in through a back gate. I kind of felt like I was sneaking in. Immediately we were busy. Orientation, medical questions, welfare training schedules language training schedules and on and on. From 4-6 we had dinner and then had the evening to unpack and get ready for Tuesday. It is awesome to be here, the spirit is so wonderful. I love seeing all the Elders and Sisters, and it is so easy to remember every ones' first name. (It's Elder or Sister)!!!

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