Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Are Now Legal

Tuesday November 9, 2010

Well today all of our paperwork was completed and we went to the Ecuador Immigration Office and got our Censos cards. These are essentially green cards stating we are temporary residents of Ecuador. The Elders came with us which is always nice. After, as is tradition, we went next door and got a doughnut. While we were there we received a call from President Sloan requesting we find some Young Women from Idaho who are serving here with a charity organization. They apparently had an incident where their camera was stolen and they where knocked down and injured. One of the Mother´s had phoned the President and he was anxious we find and check on them. We did find them and all was well. Blessings were given and they were feeling much better when we left. Understandably they are anxious to get back to Idaho.

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Trudy said...

Congratulation!!! That's scary about the young women and what a coincidences they were from Idaho. I'm glad everyone is OK.
Love ya