Thursday, November 4, 2010

Serving the Elders

November 4, 2010

We have been busy the last two days with preparing and serving food for the District and Zone Leaders of the Quito Mission. I wish I could post some pictures, but alas we still do not have Internet at home. The Senior Missionaries do a lot of cooking and baking for the Elders in our mission. Then we take all of this food to the curb and hail a taxi, load it all in the taxi and head for the Stake Center. I am sure the people of Ecuador must wonder about these funny Americans taking so much food in a taxi.

We then set up and feed Helaman´s army. It is so much fun to be with the young Elders and Sister missionaries. They are an awesome sight. Dad really enjoyed attending the meeting, it helps him learn his Spanish. I just enjoyed associating with such wonderful young men and women. They can really pack the food away and seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

Tuesday night we served dinner with Elder and Sister Rose at the Mission President´s home. They had asked us to give a testimony, since we are new and the Roses´ are leaving soon, so we prepared our testimonies. Of course when it came time all I could do was cry, I am such a cry baby. The sight of these young men serving God made me think of how proud their mothers would be and I lost it. I did try to read my Spanish testimony. I asked Dad if you could understand anything I said. He told me no. I did try! Dad did really good though, his Spanish is really coming along great. He can get us where we need to go and knows the way home. I am still very lost even walking home, and we have been walking for over a week now. Of course we change our route every day for security reasons. There is such a big group of us I really don´t think anyone would mess with us. I kind of feel part of a herd. But it is great to belong. I´ll post some pictures when I can.

Last night on the way home we stopped at two shops. One was an artist shop, he had some very interesting paintings and carvings. I think we may go back and buy one or two. Then we stopped at a very nice (expensive) shop. It was delightful to just see all the art, weavings and wood carvings. They have some very beautiful things that I would love to get but we have decieded to wait for a bit and explore some more before we buy suveniors.


Trudy said...

sound like so much fun! isn't it nice to be part of a heard. At least you have instant friends and never feel alone. It's scary to be alone in a city like that!! Just think you don't need to worry about the crying...that way you don't have to worry about the Spanish!
love you

Odila said...

Dear Bro. and Sis. Yost: I just finished reading all your posts. I had lost the address, but I just found it! I laughed at your descriptions of things, from the MTC to your cozy kitchen. I am sad however you are not here. But this is due to the fact that I am selfish. (ja,ja,ja) As I need you, so the people in Ecuador. You will succeed there, you are some of the most amazing people I know. And let me remind you I know people from all over the World! I know that the church in Ecuador need strong people in the Gospel. You will be great I know. I miss you, but it is just such a short time. You will be back with great experiences to enrich our families. Many hugs to you, and love from the cold in Idaho. Ody Conica.