Sunday, November 28, 2010

Other Pictures

Quito Mission nurses, Hermanas Grosbeck, Rogers, Rose and Yost.

My first haircut here,I think when I put my fingers together indicating I wanted only a little cut off she thought I was showing her how short I wanted it. Oh well, this way I won't need many hair cuts before coming home.

Shortly after we arrived we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant called La Rondo. After dinner we topped the evening off by going to the Roses' apartment for flu shots. Dad and I didn't need one because we had ours before leaving home.

The wiring here is very complicated. It reminds me of some pictures Thayne sent home from the Philippines.

The herd heading to work in the rain.

The gang arriving at work.

Dad and I at work.

This one is for Thayne. These are the young men who installed our internet. They asked why we wanted a picture, when we tries to explain our son installs internet back home they asked what company he works for, but could not make sense of "Big Dog".

I thought Thayne and Travis might enjoy these, only two of many I have taken. There is lots of construction here but little in way of safety measures.

We live in an area of the city known as "gringo" land; I guess there are more foreigners in this area. Anyway this is an area known as "party central". We avoid this area on Friday night when we walk home from work. The guide books all say to avoid this area at night especially after midnight.

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Linda said...

Love your posts and your pictures! Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves (other than the gun incident!) and having some great experiences. I sure do love and miss you! Have a great day, Linda