Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tuesday November 16,2010

I have struggled to know if I should post this, but feel that I need to let you all know of the protection the Lord has given us and thank you for your prayers in our behalf. Last night we again had dinner at President and Sister Sloan´s home. They live high up on a hill; there is little traffic and virtually no pedestrians. It was about 7:30 and was dark and raining hard. The guard at their building had called for a taxi but said none would come up there. We needed to walk a few blocks to the main road and we could hail a taxi. So Dad and I along with Dr. and Sister Weidmer started walking. We gave them one of our umbrellas and we shared the other. After about a block and a half this car suddenly screeched in front of us and two young men got out shouting at us, then we saw the gun. It happened so suddenly and was confusing. Dr. Weidmer brought his umbrella around between them and us and began shouting at them. Dad was shouting ¿que quiere? asking what they wanted and was starting to get his second wallet out to give them. Suddenly they jumped back in the car and sped away. We hurried to the main road and got a taxi home. It wasn´t until I got home that the reality hit me. I started to shake and really wanted to cry, didn´t sleep to well either. I know the Lord was protecting us and watching out for us, but I also know He expects us to use some judgment and good sense. President Sloan has instructed the Senior Missionaries not to be out after dark, we have decided that we will question all requests to be out after dark and take additional precautions. We are so thankful for the Lord´s protection and your prayers. WE LOVE YOU ALL AND AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS.


The Yosts said...

How scary! Glad nothing happened. We do pray for you every night! Glad you are okay.

Trudy said...

you mad me cry just thinking about it!
I'm so glad your OK and nothing happen. It is such a miracle to have the lord on your side. We pray for you daily.