Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Week in Ecuador

Monday November 15, 2010

First off Happy Birthday to all those with Birthdays in November, Viona, Thayne, Talen and Travis we hope you have had or will have wonderful days. Last week we kept busy by working on more projects. We are still trying to get some closed but we have had a Neonatal project approved and will hopefully have it ready to go in January. Friday we visited the young women from Idaho who were injured. They are doing much better; they even came to church Sunday. They are flying home on Tuesday. While there we did about 5 minutes of sightseeing, thus the pictures. The Elder we searched for Wednesday night came in to the office Friday. He is doing well, feels much better. Saturday we walked all over doing some shopping. We went to Kiwi, a hardware store and got a new shower head. It is so nice to not get hit by the water with such force that it hurts. We also found a office supply store and got a flash drive. Sunday we went to church, this is the last Sunday for Elder and Sister Rose (they are from Roy, Utah) so they gave testimonies. We had a farewell dinner at President Sloan´s home for them, it was a delightful evening. Today we went to the airport to welcome the area Doctor and his wife to Quito. He is inspecting the hospitals and meeting the Doctors we work with in the mission. He is related to Judd Miller there in Idaho. It is such a small world. Tonight we are having dinner again at President Sloan’s so the nurses can visit with Dr. Weidham and get updates on what is needed. It has rained for the last two days and is pouring down right now. I have had a hard time keeping warm and can´t find sweat shirts here. I had the opportunity to buy flowers form a tienda today for the first time. I picked out some beautiful roses and asked her to make a bouquet. She added all kinds of flowers, baby´s breath etc. it was beautiful. I was a bit worried it would cost a fortune, we were getting them to give to Hermana Weidham, the Doctors wife and I didn´t want to spend to much of the missions money. Well when we asked how much she said dos dollars, I could hardly believe it, only $2 for roses. I told Fred she should be our new best friend, and that he could get me flowers as often as he wanted. (Which better be pretty often).

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Trudy said...

I love seeing the pictures. It's so beautiful there! Dad had better take the hint huh... I would want flowers everyday if they were only $2.
Love ya