Saturday, December 18, 2010


We had the opportunity to take a short weekend trip to Guayaquil last week. It was delightful to get away and see some of the country. The two office Sisters and Dad and I all flew down Friday morning. Guayaquil is on the coast and is much warmer and more tropical than Quito because it is at 100 ft above sea level. This is also where the Temple is located and we were able to do two sessions. One on Friday evening and another on Saturday morning. Dad did both sessions in Spanish and did very well. The Temple grounds are beautiful and there were many people there attending the temple. Both days we were there groups of youth were doing baptisms. In between we did some tourist things. We visited a park full of iguanas, walked for miles (seemed like miles) along the river in an area that has been built as an urban renewal project and is beautiful. On Saturday we spent the afternoon at a Historical Park, I fell in love with the plants and flowers. Saturday night we went to dinner with a former missionary from Quito that we ran into as we were going into the Temple. Sunday we attended church with the family of one of our office elders. It was a busy weekend but very nice we really enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I did not bring the charger so we missed out on many pictures, lucky you!

I am going to have to do a whole book of the pictures I've taken of flowers.

Some members we met while at the Melecon 2000, we later met them again at the Temple.

Walking by the river, this is a beautiful area that the city has built.

The grounds of the temple are beautiful, notice the poinsettias.

Hna Dresen, Hna Naylor, Hna Yost, Elder Yost.

Quayaquil Temple.

Iguana park, there are 100's of Iguanas all over the place!

They are even in the trees.


The Yosts said...

The girls are very impressed the lizard pictures!

Kaitlyn says "those are bigger than the small lizards!" hahaha

Michael said...

I so enjoy your blog...wish I could get to it more often! I don't think I'd like the iguana park...especially if they are in the trees! But the temple looks lovely! Glad you got to go :)
Love ya,