Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evidence of Good Works

We were walking to work, like we do every morning, and noticed this gentleman in a wheelchair. When we got to looking we saw that it was one of the chairs that the Church donates. Fred asked if he could take a picture, we thought we might be able to use it to close one of the projects, since we can´t seem to get other pictures. Anyway he was so excited; he told us that the vice-president of the country had given him this chair. Then he saw the name tag, pointed to it and said "you too". It was wonderful to see evidence of the good work being done. Because of his wheelchair he is able to help direct traffic and parking at a hotel close to our office.
Just as an added note, while we were in Guayaquil we saw a child with a wheelchair from the Church, it was awesome.


Trudy said...

Love the updates and the new look on the blog. Really love the buttons!!!

Lindsie said...

That's awesome! It is nice to see how these things really affect real people in real life. I hope things are going well!

Linda said...

Love reading your blog! You are doing a great job, even a slide show. I miss you at work more than I ever thought possible! Happy Holidays - I love hearing missionary stories of holidays spent in other countries. Thinking of you a lot today!!! Best wishes!