Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sorry this is taken through a window and there is lots of reflection, but you can get the idea.

O.K., here is a challenge for the grandkids and anyone else who wants to play. As we walk to work in the mornings we pass several shops that sell T-shirts. I have noticed one that talks about a "blue footed booby", I thought it was some kind of joke that I didn´t understand. Then one day I noticed on a travel poster that had a picture of a bird with blue webbed feet, he looked rather odd. So, I decided to Google "blue footed booby". Surprise, there really is such a bird, and he is really kind of cute. So here is your challenge. Google "blue footed booby" and look at the pictures of this interesting bird, then see if you can locate the Cornell site and listen to his call (it really isn´t a song), then see if you can locate a book about these birds (hint the birds name is Bobby), and see if you can locate a video of their mating dance, and last discover how he got the name booby. As you are looking at these interesting birds see if you can find another type of bird, animal or reptile that you did not know about before. Leave me a comment or email me with your discovery and we can learn more together. Happy Goggling!

P.S. Wouldn´t it be fun to visit the Galapagos Islands and see some of these animals up close?

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