Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ambato and Riobamba

December 22, 2010
Yesterday we took a day trip to Ambato and Riobamba. I was so excited to see some of the volcanoes. We left our apartment at 7 a.m. with Fernando driving. Fernando is the country welfare supervisor, and is the person we work with and report to. Once we left the city I started taking pictures, it was awesome. I totally drained the battery in my camera before the day was over. The countryside is beautiful. Fields are cultivated to the tops of very steep mountains. These areas are steep and so they have to be tilled, planted, cared for and harvested by hand. The houses would seem so poor and primitive to us, but the people were working and happy. There are huge green houses that vegetables and flowers are grown in. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rained so I did not get any good views of the volcanoes; we will have to plan another trip. We visited a hospital in each city to make final arrangements for a Neonatal Course that will be taught in January. It was a delightful day! I can see that I am defiantly a country girl at heart, no city life for me.

Fernando, our in country supervisor.

Beautiful hillside in Ecuador.

About as close as I got to seeing a volcano. Fernando would point and say there is Cotopaxi get a foto, all that was there is clouds, he would laugh.

We stopped for breakfast at a place that had all sorts of antiques. I thought Trudy and Jessica would enjoy this picture of an antique saddle.

Countryside of Ecuador.

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Trudy said...

When you said to the top I didn't really understand ALL the way to the top it's not flat ground is it! That's just amazing that it's all done by hand. That saddles is pretty cool. I want one for my house!