Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Plaza and Church of San Francisco. That is actually a large covering and painting over the front of the church. They are doing some restoring on the building.

The interior of the Church de San Francisco. There is renovation work being done inside and out. There were many worshipers here the day we went. This church is very old and seems to be very popular.

A mother and daughter selling goods in old town, I bought some bracelets from the girl, she said she had made them.

I loved this depiction of a United Ecuador, I wish it were more accurate, many of the indigious peoples are still so very poor and do not have the same opportunities.

Planning and leading the war for freedom.

The leaders were all murdered after they had been arrested, when words got out there were uprisings throughout the country and the fight for independance started.

Planning for freedom. The leaders of the movement were of Spanish decent but did not like how Spain was treating the Indians.

During the fight for freedom these red flags were draped over the crosses outside of the Churchs. They would be removed by the Spanish but would reappear the next morning.

The front entrance area to the Palace.

With one of the Guards. They wear uniforms of the design that was used in the 1800´s.

On the balcony over looking the Grand Plaza.

The State Dining Room.

A mozaic as you enter the Palace. It talks of 3,000 natives being sacrificed for the republic of Ecuador.

A beautiful Ecuadorian flag.

Courtyard just after entering. They took our picture here. I am sure it was for security purposes but we did get a copy when we left for a remembrance.

Dad and I as we are entering the Palace. It is a large white building so it is sometimes called the White House.

October 22, 2011

Just as I was starting to blog November I noticed that I had forgotten to do a post about our trip to Old Town. Elder Geldmacher arranged for a tour guide to take us around and see the sights in Old Town. We had already seen many of the sights but we did go to the Presidential Palace and to a museum that is located in an old jail. The story of the liberation of Ecuador from Spain is told at this museum. Like all struggles for freedom there were many martyrs and much fighting. Freedom is bought at a high price, how thankful we should be for the freedom we have.

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