Thursday, March 8, 2012


We had received a large sack of handmade hats that we decided to give to the children here. They loved them! These will help against the Quito cold.

She just wanted to be held! I could bring her home with me.

As we left the office I grabbed one of the quilts. This Orphange is usually for older boys but as you can see from the pictures there are several girls and younger children. When we arrived they told us that they had just gotten a baby so the quilt was needed and appreciated. Heavenly Father watches over His children especially orphanes.

Just look at the size of that spoon. The Orphange is old but clean and in fair repair. Elder and Sister Geldmacher went with us, I think they were touched by the experience.

New cooking equipment, a cooks dream!

The boys were so excited to help unload the items.

Preparing the items for donation, we had a little extra so bought some rice, this will give them something to cook in the big pots!

October 11, 2011

We had made contact with this orphanage through OSO. OSO is a foundation that was founded by Dr. Head in Rexburg, and helps several orphanages in Ecuador. They also send volunteers here, usually young women, to help care for the children. The couple that is in Ecuador directing the volunteers is in our ward and told us about this orphanage that needed some help. The orphanage requested sheets and cooking utensils. They had no sheets for the beds that the children sleep in. Some of the younger children sleep 2, 3 or even 4 to a bed. The children are so happy and fun to be with. They love to hold hands, be held or perform for us. If any of you follow Travis Gugelman, a photographer also from Rexburg, this is one of the orphanages that he helps with. We received word that Travis has gotten them a new van. The old van was very scary, bad brakes, doors didn´t close etc. We are so excited for them. Thanks to any of you who give to humanitarian causes, you are making a difference.

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Linda said...

I love following Travis Gugleman's pictures and comments about the orphanages on Facebook. We have donated a couple of times because of his touching pictures, messages and needs. I currently have a niece from Rexburg living down their working in the orphanages. If you meet a Kailani Klingler, give her a HUGE hug!