Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Jenny really wanted to ride a donkey while visiting Ecuador, as we were driving Yolanda spoted this donkey and its owner, we stopped and she asked if Jenny could have a ride.

On Wednesday we visited Montecristi. We spend time at a mausoleum in honor of Eloy Alfaro.

Yolanda and Magdalena wanted to learn some yoga when they found out Jenny was an instructor, so we had a yoga class Tuesday evening before dinner.

We had lunch at a beautiful farm/resturant, after eating we visited the animals, I thought Taylyn would like the picture of the pig.

Traveling through a small town we saw these cocoa beans drying and stopped to take a look.

On the second day Yolanda gave us Oswaldo Loor T-shirts so we would fit in!

This is the reservoir in the hills outside of Portoviejo that supplies water for the city. They were working on the dam in preparation for the rainy season. This area is close to the coast but is really dry most of the year then when the rains come everything turns a beautiful green.

While we were in Portoviejo in addition to visiting many schools and blind or low vision community members we were able to see some other sites as well. We visited a shrimp farm, the beach, the reservoir that is the water supply for the city, rode donkeys, and visited Montecristi. It was a very full, busy week. We returned to Quito on Friday evening and on Saturday we spent some time at Mitad del Mundo and around Quito until Jenny became ill, then we returned to our apartment and just rested. I made some soup for dinner and the Jacobs prepared to fly out. They left on the late flight Saturday night. This was a very enjoyable week. What a difference this training will make to the people of Portoviejo. Thank you Dr. and Sister Jacobs, and thank you Foundation Dr. Oswaldo Loor.

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