Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This was one of the dances the children did for the ceremony, they are so beautiful.

Tena Children Presentation Ceremony from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

Four groups of children preformed different dances for the program. These were beautiful and interesting, we felt like we were watching people right out of the Book of Mormon. Notice the boys with their spears in the 4th picture, does stripling warriors come to mind?

Some of the children with their new school kits.

Handing out the kits was so much fun, the children were so excited but very polite and orderly. The Elders had a great time, we hope that this will help with missionary work in this area.

Greeting some of the children before the ceremony.

The next morning I woke up with a horrible heat rash on my face.

750 kits is a lot of kits. It got tiring taking them up and down the stairs so we started handing them out the 2nd story window. They pretty much filled the truck.

Some had much more fun on this project than others. This is Isreal and he was so fun. He took my camera and took all kinds of pictures including several of himself.

Assembling the kits.

September 8-9, 2011

We traveled to Tena, in the jungle, to do school kits for children living in small villages along the Napo River. We had asked the Tena Branch members and the missionaries to help us assemble the kits. We had 20 members, 2 investigators and the Elders that worked for several hours getting the kits put together and loaded in the truck. It was a great experience for the members the Elders and us. These kits were a little awkard because the school had asked for a large piece of poster paper for each kit. These had to be rolled and then we had to tape the kit closed as the sealer we usually use would not work. The next day we attended a presentations ceremony. Several of the smaller schools had traveled to attend and we gave out about 300 of the kits. The children did dances in native costume, they looked like they were right off the pages of the Book of Mormon. My heart was so full as I saw these beautiful children I wanted them to know of their heritage and promised blessings. Other kits were taken to Coca, and others will be given out by teachers who travel the Napo River to the small isolated villages to teach the children. I sure wish we could go along on some of those trips.

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