Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hermano Gerson Cagua, a Church employee from Columbia who handles visas for missionaries, and Dad. We are all hoping this will help with the Church´s relations with Columbia.

Loading the vehicles with the kits.

Some of the sisters that helped, the wife of the Branch President and the wife of the Elders Quorum, they asked if they could keep the aprons so they could talk to the Relief Society and try to do some projects on their own in the community. We were hopeing that the members would catch the vision of service by helping with the projects.

Inspecting the kits.

Signing the donation papers.

Kits ready for donation.

The three kits we prepared, a closer view.

Primary children, youth, adults and Elders all helped with the project.

September 15-16, 2011

The next week we traveled to Tulcan. It is by the border of Columbia and is actually colder than Quito. We traveled through some very beautiful country that reminded us of Idaho and Wyoming. This is the area where they grow lots of papas (potatoes). There was actually lots of harvesting going on but I did not get any good pictures. I really need to have some lessons on taking pictures through a car window at 100 Km per hour. Anyway the harvesting was being done by hand, we only saw one tractor. It was very interesting to see large groups of people digging and filling bags with potatoes. I wonder what they would think if they came to Idaho and watched a harvest. Anyway back to the project. Again we had the members and the Elders help us assemble the kits. Here we did 200 school kits, 200 hygiene kits and 300 medicine kits. We did not get to give the kits out they were given to personnel from the Columbian Embassy. The gentleman that came to receive the kits asked several questions about the church and we gave him a Book of Mormon, a tract and a Liahona. We hope this will improve relations with Columbia and help the Church obtain visas etc for our missionaries. We also hope the gentleman will desire to know about the Church and investigate further.

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Trudy said...

As always I'm amazed with what you do!! And how much the church does!! How awesome to give him a Book of Mormon.