Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strange Fish

Here is another interesting story on very different types of wildlife found throughout the world, or at least in Ecuador. This "cute" little fish is actually quite unique. It is really a parasite, lives in the Amazon River and can cause other fish, animals and humans lots of pain and trouble. It is called candirĂº, it is related to the catfish, it is also sometimes called a toothpick fish, it also has another name which I will not post on the blog. It is very small and lives in sediment on the river bottom only in the Amazon. It has a worse reputation and is more feared than the piranha. Because the gross-out quotient is so high on this one I will let those who are interested Google to find out more about it. Then you can decide if the stories are fact or fiction. Just know it is dangerous to swim in the Amazon River.

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Shebearof3 said...

I know this story! We learned about it at an aquarium once. It seems to crazy to be true, and freaks meout just thinking about it.