Friday, August 5, 2011

NRT Quevedo

Everyone who passes receives a certificate upon completion of the course. I am pretty proud of the certificates, Dad and I design them and this time we took our printer with us so we could just print them up after we had the registration done. We have been told they are very nice and Sister Flake took our computer file with her to show in Salt Lake.

Following the training, equipment is donated to each hospital so they can continue training others.

We try at each location to have a local Doctor do some of the teaching.

After a concept is taught participants break into groups and practice.

Dad does the computer work and works with local people to make sure we get the names right for the certificates.

We had good press coverage and there was an artical in the newspaper the next day, this coverage helps people learn about the church, we hope it helps the missionaries.

Our NRT team for August 2011, Shelly, Refino, Nordell, Janet and Garry. We are packed up and ready to leave.

August 1-2, 2011

We are doing two more NRT courses this first week of August. Our first one was in Quevedo. Elder and Sister Flake, our short term specialists, arrived on Thursday night along with Rufino Rodriguez, a respiratory therapist, Dr. Nordell Brown and Dr. Shelly Reed arrived on Saturday night. We all attended church Sunday morning then went to the office packed up everything and were on our way. We stopped in Santo Domingo for lunch then continued to Quevedo. This NRT was much easier to put together then our first one because we knew better what we were doing. We had prepared the equipment, and had the certificates, name tags and test packets ready to go. There were 47 participants and the classes went well. These are good trainings and the equipment we use is donated to the hospital for future training.

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