Monday, August 22, 2011

Elders, Hermanas, and more Elders!

On Friday night, August 19th, we took Sister Lopez and Elder Villa out to dinner. Elder Villa returned to his sector on Saturday morning, and Sister Lopez flew home to Nicaragua on Monday morning.

Elder Parrish, Elder Vergara, Elder Warr and Elder Estrada following dinner on Sunday.

Elder Vergara, Elder Villa and Elder Warr joining us for lunch.

Sister Rogers, Sister Caldwell, Sister Lopez and Sister Naylor. Sister Lopez is having problems with her knees and is staying with Sister Naylor.

Elder Vomocil, Elder Cox and Elder Hakes at their last dinner with us before returning home. Elder Villa, staying with us following surgery.

August 11,12,14, 2011
These have been exceptionally busy days. On Thursday August 11th we were asked if Elder Villa could stay with us for a week while he recovered from surgery. We had asked three Elders, who were leaving, to have dinner with us that evening. We had invited the Sisters to have lunch with us on Friday and we had invited the office Elders over for Sunday dinner as it was Elder Parrish´s birthday. Elder Villa came to the apartment about 3 in the afternoon. We prepared a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes for the Elders who came about 4:30. On Friday we made chicken soup for the Sisters including Sister Naylor and Sister Lopez, and the Assistants dropped by to check on Elder Villa so they had lunch too. Sunday we had chicken with mashed potatoes again, at the Elder´s request, for the four office Elders plus Elder Villa. All we did was cook and clean up the whole weekend. Elder Villa is doing very well and went back to his sector the following Saturday, the returning Elders are now at home and we hope doing well. We plan to ask the Sisters to dinner again sometime soon, and we have another birthday for one of the office Elders coming up so there will be more cooking.

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