Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hearing Foundation

August 30, 2011, It might have been a good thing I did this post out of order and late. There was a little bit of money left over from this project so we were able to get them a camera. It was so fun to visit, Ximena was so excited to get the camera.

It is always such a good feeling when we have completed a project and had the presentation.

Unpacking the new equipment.

Ximena Carrera S. and Dad signing the papers of receipt.

July 26, 2011

This is a bit out of order but things got really going just before NRT and I failed to get this post done. The equipment we had ordered arrived much earlier than we had been told it would and we were very excited to get it delivered. We have been working with this foundation for several months and due to a comedy of errors it seemed to take forever to get the order in and then to get it here. They were so excited to receive the equipment, now they can start testing children for hearing problems. We asked if we could come to one of the screenings, so I hope to have some pictures of the audiometer in use sometime in the future.

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